Antonio García (vocals, guitar), Daniel Sánchez (guitar), Pedro Quesada (guitar), José Ángel Mercader (drums), Pepe Esteban (bass)

Arde Bogotá was created during a reunion between friends, in Cartagena, in late 2017. In 2020 they were signed by Sony Music and released their first EP, El Tiempo y la Actitud (2020), produced by Lalo GV, a big hit despite being smack bang in the middle of lockdown. Their first LP, La Noche (2021), earned them a place on the Spanish pop rock map and saw them embark on a tour of more than 80 concerts all over the country.

In 2023 they plan to release their second album, telling the tales of a journey, the one taking them back and forth on the road from Cartagena to the rest of Spain. This LP which they describe as being their “most rock-influenced and mature”, will be revealed bit by bit until the full album comes out, something they’ve already started doing with the first number: Los Perros.

The Spanish-language rock produced by these youngsters from Murcia has enthralled thousands of fans with its powerful and distinct sound. Lyrics packed with content that convey anger and irreverence, yet also talking about seduction, love and the chiaroscuros of their generation. Their live shows, accomplished and energetic, are delivered by frontman Antonio García, a livewire on stage who soon has everyone up dancing and singing along to their songs.





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