Carla Sevilla 5tet


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Carla Sevilla (vocals), Marcos Salcines (piano), Tana Santana (bass, double bass), Juanma Urriza (drums), Epi Pacheco (percussion)

A project introducing Carla Sevilla’s most intimate side in the shape of an original repertoire where the lyrics, tunes and improvisation share the spotlight.

Carla Sevilla, who started studying piano in her home town of Bilbao at the age of 7, started out as a singer before deciding to study Jazz at Musikene. She has collaborated with a myriad of artists and projects: Iñaki Plaza, Soul Messengers, Solomone, Sheila Cuffy, Travelling Brothers, Gorka Benítez and Angel Celada, having also participated in Mojo Working with Billy Prince, Spider Turner, Darrow Fletcher…



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