Chano Domínguez – Iñaki Salvador Dúo




Chano Domínguez – Iñaki Salvador Dúo

Chano Domínguez (piano), Iñaki Salvador Dúo (piano)

Between the years 1998 and 2000, Chano and Iñaki shared numerous stages on tour as a piano duo. This tour landed at the 34th San Sebastian Jazz Festival in 1999 with a fabulous concert given in the Plenary Room of the City Hall. Now, 20 years later, they return to the Festival with the same duo format.

They will perform original music by both creators, together with flavours of the lands of their birth and reference, a coming together between the colours of flamenco, the music of the Basque Country and of any other land that the magic of improvisation brings to their hands.

Chano Domínguez has garnered numerous awards and international recognition of his prowess. His performances at the San Sebastian Jazz Festival (1995, 1996, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2006 y 2017) have always left a good taste in the mouth. He has collaborated, among others, with Enrique Morente, Paco de Lucía and Martirio, Herbie Hancock, Jack DeJohnette, Wynton Marsalis and Stefano Bollani.

Iñaki Salvador is one of the best known Basque jazz musicians, author of soundtracks for cinema, television and theatre, with numerous albums to his name and in collaboration with others, creator of various projects warmly received at earlier editions of the San Sebastian Jazz Festival. A participant in the most influential Basque jazz groups, he has collaborated with musicians including Mikel Laboa, Perico Sambeat, Allan Skidmore, Pedro Iturralde, Jean Toussaint, Javier Colina, Jesse Davis, David Xirgu, David Gómez, Mario Rossy, Jorge Rossy, Charles Tolliver, Raynald Colom, Mikel Andueza, Gonzalo Tejada, Joaquín Chacón and Alvin Queen.


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