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Chico Pérez (piano), Aroa Fernández (vocals), Carlos Bueno (bass), Manuel Moro (cello), Guille Cortés (drums)

Chico Pérez was born in Jaén in 1994, into a family of musicians. Pianist and composer with a unique style, rooted in flamenco, with overtones of Jazz, blues and classical music.

Finished his Degree in Music at the CSM, Jaén, in 2016. He then moved to Madrid, to further his studies and grow professionally. He was also tutored by the likes of David Peña “Dorantes”, Antonio López, Sergio Albacete, Guillermo González, Alberto de Paz, Israel Sandoval, Pepe Rivero, Joaquín Chacón, German Kucich and Jesús Lavilla, among others.

Only 27, and after the success of his first work, Gruserías, which sold over 3000 records during a tour that included almost 60 concerts, this pianist from Jaén became quite a revelation in the world of music in Spain with an album comprising 9 original tracks, a work that takes us through the places that have marked his life thus far. Already recognised as one of the most appealing figures on the Spanish musical scene today.





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