Colina, Carmona, Serrano, Barrueta: Veinte veinte






Colina – Carmona – Serrano – Barrueta: Veinte veinte

Javier Colina (double bass), Antonio Serrano (harmonica), Josemi Carmona (guitar), Borja Barrueta (drums)

The musical careers of Antonio Serrano, Josemi Carmona and Javier Colina are long and prolific. In their own way, they have built a new language, becoming a reference for an entire new generation of musicians. Following myriad encounters over the years, Colina, Serrano and Carmona finally decide to embrace a musical project together, to which they add the extremely personal sound of Borja Barrueta on the drums.

Guided by a mixture of versatility, prodigious technical command, and the sediment of countless musical voyages, the quartet unfolds a repertoire ranging from the classics until today. Different languages intertwined in a unique musical conversation, dominated by the same freedom, intuition and emotion with which they live music.

Veinte veinte is the title of this project born in an unexpected time and context, inspiring and determinant in the encounter and its result. According to Javier Colina: “This project comes from the desire to find a common language and above all a strategy and different musical tactic for each one. The title Veinte veinte means looking at the year we are in without drama, without extremes and without anything… seeing what’s what and saying come on… let’s start over”.


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