Enrico Rava (fluegelhorn), Matteo Paggi (trombone), Francesco Diodati (guitar), Francesco Ponticelli (double bass), Evita Polidoro (drums)

Enrico Rava is the best known and most outstanding Italian Jazz musician worldwise. Having shot to international fame in the 70s, the Italian trumpet player and composer can boast six decades of professional career, constantly remaining at the forefront as one of the most active and restless musicians, always immersed in all sorts of original projects and considered to be one of the most important solo trumpet performers. Rava is a musician who moves outside the traditional limits of genres and styles, and who refuses to toe the line. His sound is immediately recognisable and his music constantly follows astonishingly original ideas.

Rava’s impressive list of albums includes a few enormously relevant artistic gems, such as Enrico Rava Quartet (1978), Rava lʼopera Va (1993), Easy Living (2004), Tati (2005), The Words and the Days (2007), New York Days (2009), Katcharpari (2017) and his latest work, The Song Is You (2022).

Together with his work as a leader, Rava has provided supreme collaboration to some of the best known European American musicians, such Franco D’Andrea, Stefano Bollani, Massimo Urbani, Gato Barbieri, Philip Catherine, Lee Konitz, Aldo Romano, Charlie Haden, Joe Henderson, John Abercrombie, Palle Danielsson, Jon Christensen, Nana Vasconcelos, Miroslav Vitous, Daniel Humair, Michel Petrucciani, Charlie Mariano, Joe Lovano (with whom he shared the leadership of a quartet in the early 90s), Albert Mangelsdorff, Dino Saluzzi, Richard Galliano, Martial Solal, Archie Shepp, John Taylor, Paul Motian and Mark Turner.

Over his career Rava has included young musicians in his bands, lending them the support they needed in their early days as away of enabling them to develop and grow, following their own paths.

For this year’s participation, the fifth performance given at the Jazzaldia by the veteran musician from Trieste, Rava will bring his most recent project, The Fearless Five, alongside four brilliant up-and-coming Italian artists.







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