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Ernán López-Nussa: Havana in the Grand Manner

Ernán López-Nussa (piano), Janet Rodríguez Pino (vibraphone), Oliver Valdés Rey (drums), Héctor M. Quintana Ferreiro (guitar), Samuel E. Burgos Martínez (double bass)

Pianist, arranger and director, López-Nussa vividly depicts the sound of his country, Cuba, not only expressed through music but further enriched by it. López-Nussa is absolutely key to understanding Latin American music of recent times.

Author of very rich works that contribute so much to Cuban music as a whole, his transparency and sincerity have made him a contemporary classic in his country today.

Throughout his illustrious career, he has won many prizes and awards and has made over 20 records, among them stand-out works such as From Havana to Rio (2000), Veinte pianos (2011), Sacrilegio (2014), and Invención Lekszycki (2015). His accomplishments to date also include two works produced with Miriam Ramos as well as 5 records in which he accompanies singer-songwriter Silvio Rodríguez.

Havana in the grand manner is the name of the musical project he will present at this edition of JazzEñe. It is a tribute to Felipe Dulzaides (1917-1991), pianist, arranger and composer from Havana, one of the initial driving forces behind Jazz in Cuba.



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