Federico Buccini & JEMMA Label


FedericoWebShanti Colucci (drums), Rosario Ceraudo (percussion), Federico Buccini (keyboards, acoustic guitar), Marco Bruno (bass), Alessandro Recanati (guitar), Agnese Antonelli (violin, vocals), Sofia Ara (soprano sax, flute, vocals), Daniel Ventura (tenor sax, flute), Ludovico Franco (trumpet, flugelhorn)

Federico Buccini and the JEMMA label formed a group of musicians coming from all over Italy and different artistic origins born at a weekly jam session in a small club in Rome. The harmony created at those sessions generated a project with no musical limits. JEMMA is an expression of the global world, a fusion of cultures and influences to love, cultivate and share.

Federico Buccini and JEMMA label are the winners of the Jazz category of LAZIOSound 2022, a programme sponsored by the Regione Lazio for emerging artists with the aim of nurturing talent with a view to spreading the music made by young people and promoting new artistic productions in Lazio, Italy and the whole world.



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