Gregory Porter


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Gregory Porter (vocals), Chip Crawford (piano), Emanuel Harrold (drums), Tivon Pennicott (sax), Jahmal Nichols (bass), Ondrej Pivec (Hammond)

Gregory Porter is an elegant and sophisticated singer, with a unique, powerful, sensual and seductive voice. Porter’s vocal mastery, his emotional intensity, his ability to transcend genres and connect with the audience, his impressive figure, his timeless style… are some of the reasons why Gregory Porter is rated among the best vocalists of contemporary Jazz.

The baritone, originally hailing from Sacramento, received a scholarship to play American football at San Diego State University. However, a shoulder injury in the first season forced him to abandon the sport, and he has been singing ever since. With influences drawing on the blues, gospel and soul, Porter admires singers like Nat King Cole, Joe Williams, Donny Hathaway, Ella Fitzgerald, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. Having made his debut at the age of 38 with Water (2010), he has gone on to bring out another four solo albums, having received 7 Grammy nominations and 2 awards, sold millions of albums and clocked up more than 1.6 billion streams to date.

Gregory Porter came to the Jazzaldia for the first time in 2013, still as a relatively unknown singer. Since that first concert on the Kursaal terraces we have followed the evolution of this great songster who, with the passing of time, has become what he is today: a star, one of the leading voices of 21st century Jazz.

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