Hiromi is unquestionably one of the greatest Jazz piano sensations of the 21st century. Her faultless technique, her unbridled sensitivity, her catching enthusiasm and her ability to take improvisation and composition to unparalleled heights have delighted the public and critics since the release of her first album Another Mind in 2003.

Hiromi Uehara has given four performances at the Jazzaldia, charming and dazzling the audience at every one. The first time, in 2010, she came with Stanley Clarke, while in 2011 and 2013 she performed with her The Trio Project and in 2017 she was accompanied by Edmar Castañeda for her show at the Kursaal Auditorium.

The Japanese pianist and composer, who started playing at the age of 6 and later went on to study at Berklee, says she’s always hungry to learn, something that’s plain to see in everything she does. Her music transcends the borders of Jazz to include elements of classic, rock and pop music; and she herself is evocative, sophisticated, elegant, subtle, fresh, dynamic, vigorous, energetic, imaginative… and absolutely marvellous.



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