Joachim Kühn, piano solo


26 July

12:30 Teatro Victoria Eugenia – 20€

kühn con piano

Joachim Kühn

Joachim Kühn (piano)

Joachim Kühn is one of Europe’s most brilliant jazz pianists; his concerts skilfully combine the virtuosity of Keith Jarrett, the innovation of Ornette Coleman and the classic mastery of J.S. Bach, all with vast creative freedom. Kühn, one of the greatest experts in Bach’s work, acquired fame in the era of free jazz and avant garde music, when he accompanied some of those who led the revolution; however that period is behind us, and today his command of all registers turns his recitals into an authentic artistic experience.

Joachim Kühn is a great fan of Ornette Coleman, the person he always upheld as his source of inspiration; the two met in Paris in the early 90s. From 1995 until 2000 they gave 16 concerts together, playing a total of 170 pieces composed by Coleman with Kühn’s help. All of this material was kept by Kühn, which he later reassembled, adapted and used as the basis of his album Melodic Ornette Coleman. It is this work that the German pianist will perform for us at this year’s San Sebastian Jazz Festival. An opportunity to celebrate the legacy of a jazz legend, and also to listen to one of today’s greatest pianists.

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