León Benavente


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Abraham Boba (vocals, farfisa), Eduardo Baos (bass, synthesizer), Luis Rodríguez (electric guitar), César Verdú (drums)

León Benavente started out as a group in 2012, and a year later released their first hit album: León Benavente. Their next two albums – 2 (2016) and Vamos a volvernos locos (2019) – saw them perform at major festivals and venues. Now León Benavente brings their fourth and latest album, ERA (2022), a work telling us about the end of things and new beginnings, about what is no more, about change, nostalgia and the passing of time.

Throughout their 10 years of existence, 4 albums and wild yet accomplished live shows, León Benavente have established themselves as one of the leading bands on the Spanish scene. Their music, with its powerful personality, is a mixture of rock, electronic, pop, punk… Their emotional, smart and meticulous lyrics, profound, crude, philosophical and even solemn, talk to us about today’s society and portray us with a language full of cutting sarcasm and sharp irony. Many of their songs are generational hymns, fragments prompting us to reflect on the detachment from politics, the ubiquity of technology, the absurdness of modern society and the precarious working and economic conditions that surround us. But their music can also be fun dance numbers, brimming with humour and energy. A unique cocktail brilliantly rendered in their live concerts, no doubt about it.


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