Mariza Canta a Amália



Mariza @ Altice_Arena 2019 ©HugoMoura00023

Mariza Canta a Amália

Mariza Nunes (vocals), Luis Guerreiro (Portuguese guitar), Phelipe Ferreira (guitar), Adriano Alves (bass), Joao Freitas (percussion), Joao Frade (accordion)

Mariza’s enormous talent in the reinvention of fado has earned the acclaim of international critics and numerous recognitions, attracting global attention towards an extensive renaissance of Portuguese roots music.

Mariza, an impressive ambassador of Portuguese music, recently announced her new album for 2020, a work featuring the repertoire of Amália Rodrigues. The album, recorded in Portugal and Brazil and produced by Jacques Morelenbaum, will be released in September to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Mariza’s career.

Mariza tells us that “I’ve had this project on my mind for some time. Amália is present in our lives. She is a huge inspiration, not only for myself, but for so many Portuguese artists, and for many other international artists. It’s a way of honouring and acknowledging the legacy and inspiration she left us.”

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