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Sarah Corcoran (vocals/guitar/bass), Pamela Connolly (vocals/guitar/bass), Rachel Lyons (drums/vocals), Cathy McGuinness (guitar/vocals)

The Dublin quartet Pillow Queens formed in late 2016. The success of their first two EPs Calm Girls (2016) and State Of The State (2018) landed them plays on UK radio and saw them opening for bands and artists like Pussy Riot, Idles, Future Islands and Soak.

This led to their first critically and publicly acclaimed album, In Waiting, (2020) and a position as one of Ireland’s most interesting bands.

Proudly queer and passionate about social justice, the Pillow Queens are equally concerned with creating great work and social change. Their songs, many of them euphoric and irreverent, talk about personal issues, hidden complexities and private pain, but they also reflect the changes they have witnessed in Dublin and Ireland in recent years.

Their powerful sound combining punk, rock and pop has obvious influences of 90s grunge and indie-rock. Their songs are epic and grandiose hymns, cathartic experiences filled with emotion, camaraderie and solidarity.


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