Rymden: Bugge Wesseltoft – Dan Berglund – Magnus Öström



Rymden_46 photo by Per Kristiansen

Rymden: Bugge Wesseltoft-Dan Berglund-Magnus Öström

Bugge Wesseltoft (piano, keyboard), Dan Berglund (bass), Magnus Öström (drums)

It was almost inevitable that two major bands like New Conception of Jazz and e.s.t. (esbjorn svenson trio), groups which since the 90s had been explorers and innovators who sought out the existing limits to discover new frontiers, would merge to create a super group: Rymden.

Rymden means space, space in the sense of the planet, the stars, the galaxy, the cosmos. Their music is full of dynamism combined with melancholy atmospheres. They bring us epic sounds, drama, tension and relief.

Following their acclaimed first album Reflections and Odysseys, they now launch their second interstellar mission: Spacesailors. With this work, the group succeeds in surpassing even the excellence of their previous album: in the textures, in the states of mind and in the blend of subtle detail and expansive gestures. Here they add psychedelic elements of the ‘60s and punk energy to the progressive slant and fusion of elements found in their first work. If that first work was an expedition to the terrestrial orbit, this second instalment is an interplanetary voyage.

The Scandinavian attitude and spirit are reflected in this marvellous music, created and masterfully performed by a group of uncontrollable creative energy: Rymden.

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