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Sofiane Pamart (piano)

Despite coming from a mining family of Berber origin with no prior connection to classical music, Sofiane Pamart’s fine, natural and precocious talent led him to enrol at the conservatoire in his city, Lille, when only 7 years of age.

Destined to become one of the best known pianists and composers, his music was already among the 10 most streamed in 2021. Pamart is, at just over 30 years of age, a huge star in France, where he collaborates with urban artists, rappers, and brands like Cartier, Kappa and Lacoste.

Not content with being a virtuoso pianist, Pamart is also a composer and producer. He constantly strives to stir things up and make the world of classical music and piano playing open to everybody. He breaks all the codes of classical music, taking up those of today’s urban world, dressing and acting like a hip-hop star.

In his solo career Pamart has released 3 albums: Planet (2019), a voyage to twelve parts of the planet (Chicago, Sicily, Paris, Nagasaki, Havana, Medellín, Bora Bora, etc.); Planet Gold (2021), second part of the first LP; and Letter (2022), his latest album. He composes and plays all of his solo works, a reflection of evocative, moving and delicate contemporary classical music; melodies that invite you to dream, that recreate landscapes and are full of feeling.

Pamart will perform alone on the piano, unplugged and in the marvellous cloister of the San Telmo Museum.


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