The Excitements


TheExitementsWebKissia San (vocals), Adrià Gual Altés (guitar), Pablo Sánchez Hinojosa (guitar), Pablo Yupton (bass), Eduald Font (drums), Martí Carrasco i De Casacuberta (tenor sax), Carlos Santo (baritone sax)

This Catalonian band has been reinterpreting and updating soul and R’n’B sounds for more than a decade and is, without a doubt, one of the leading European references in its style.

Fronting the marvellous band of musicians, and always a sure-fire guarantee of high calibre, is the powerful voice of Kissia San, a French singer of Somali origin with enormous stage presence.

In their fourth and latest album, Keepin’ On (2021), the band offers 14 numbers of pure soul and R’n’B which, while original, have a sound, an attitude, an authenticity and a quality of such magnitude that they already feel like true classics of the genre.


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