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Verónica Ferreiro & Javier Sánchez: Camiño

Verónica Ferreiro (vocals), Javier Sánchez (guitar), Moisés Sánchez (piano), Ander García (doble bass), Andrés Litwin (drums)

Verónica Ferreiro et Javier Sánchez, acclaimed musicians of the Spanish Jazz scene, present their new musical project to us, in which they very neatly merge Veronica’s voice, singing her poems in Galician, with Javier’s compositions and arrangements. It is a work that contemplates Jazz but also visits classical music and folklore and is open as well to the influence of many artistic expressions.

Camiño is the name chosen by this artistic couple for their new album, which is produced by Troy Miller, who has also produced Gregory Porter and Jamie Callum, among others. The album also features the extraordinary collaboration of the string players of the City of London Sinfonia.

The work takes us on a vital journey, an introspective saunter that begins with birth and the emotions of maternity, and ends with an amazing requiem whose deep and solemn prayer is dedicated to nature and its slow death at the hands of humankind.

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