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Yann Tiersen (piano, keyboards, electronics)

Popular Breton-born musician Yann Tiersen, composer of memorable songs, is also one of Europe’s most exquisite multi-instrumentalists. His music recreates a personal artistic universe proffered for our enjoyment in recordings of excellent quality and, needless to say, at his always magnificent concerts.

Yann Tiersen shot to international fame in 2001 on composing the soundtrack of Amélie. However, his is a career of countless other aspects and he prefers to distance himself from the classification of film score composer. Having studied the violin and piano from 6 to 14 years of age and attended different conservatoires at which he received his classical training, he decided, inspired in groups like Joy Division and the Stooges, to take up the electric guitar in the late 80s.

Since bringing out his first album in 1995, La Valse des monstres, he has released around a dozen studio albums, 4 live LPs and 6 soundtracks. In his latest work, Kerber (2021), a portrait of Ouessant, the small island on which he lives, Tiersen combines the piano and electronics to generate an all-encompassing and evocative sound, overflowing with nuances.

In his now extensive career, the always innovative Yann Tiersen has cleverly combined a wide range of influences: from street to avant-garde music, from minimalism to rock, from the waltz to the chanson française, from analogue to digital…

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