Pello Reparaz (vocals), Leire Colomo (percussion), Gorka Pastor (synth, keyboards), Iban Larreboure (drums)

Since they formed in 2019, ZETAK have released two successful albums and numerous singles to have racked up millions of streamings, huge hits in the Basque music scene that have gone on to become anthems for a whole generation: Zeinen Ederra Izango Den, Errepidean, Zoriontasuna,…

Fronted by Pello Reparaz, this is a group of very young members eager to experiment. Their catchy tunes, which we could describe as electronic pop sung in Basque, features instruments like the txalaparta and a wide variety of collaborations such as that of the traditional music singer Erramun Martikorena, the Catalans Oques Grasses and the Colombian group, Bomba Estéreo.

Despite being barely 30 years old, Pello Reparaz already has a long musical background which started, at the age of 5, with his music studies; he continued at the age of 8 with the trombone, winding up on the stage of the Altsasua Gaztetxe at the tender age of 12 years. He later joined Vendetta until the successful ska group disbanded after a run of 10 years. That’s when Reparaz decided to change directions and create ZETAK.

ZETAK’s latest album, Zeinen Ederra Izango Den (2020), was composed and published during the pandemic, and you can hear it in the paradoxically rather optimistic lyrics, full of hope and positive energy, even if they often have a hint of melancholy and reveal a nostalgia for bygone days when life was neither online nor virtual and there were no lockdowns or health regulations, an idealized time when friendship, love, summer, nature, the rural world, partying, freedom, friendship and being young were the name of the day.






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