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8 free concerts: Izaro + Larkin Poe + Merina Gris + Shinova + Les Amazones d’Afrique + El Columpio Asesino + North Mississippi Allstars + Chill Mafia

The poster for the 59th Jazzaldia has been created by Detritus

The Keler Gunea stage, on the marvellous Zurriola beach, will once again host the Jazzaldia’s most popular and diversified space. From 24-27 July the bill features eight free concerts, boasting five fronted by women, including Basque, North American and African bands playing myriad styles ranging from southern rock to pop, and bookending urban, techno, roots, blues and indie sounds on the way.

Fresh from winning the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album, the Lovell sisters with their group Larkin Poe will take to the Keler Gunea stage on the Zurriola Beach on 24 July. Their album Blood Harmony is a spectacular compendium of the characteristic Southern United States music: blues, gospel, bluegrass and, simply, southern rock. Larkin Poe is known for the extraordinary intensity of their live performances, their energy, excellent voices and musical prowess.

Opening the bill before their show is one of our city’s most cherished artists, Izaro. This will be a unique opportunity to enjoy Cerodenero, the latest album from a well-established yet strongly evolving artist, an excellent singer with a world all of her own who has always boasted extraordinary sensitivity and an individual personality.

On the same day, 24 July, on the Kursaal terraces, there will be another four concerts, all different and exciting thanks to their diversity: the Japanese keyboard player BIGYUKI’s band with Tomoaki Baba on the sax; the Polish pianist Marcin Masecki; the American sax-player Lakecia Benjamin; the great trumpeter Eddie Henderson in a quintet alongside the trombone player Steve Davis and, finally, the Mexican artist now living in Aquitaine, Carolina Katum.

On Thursday 25 July, the Keler Gunea stage will host two Basque groups (this is an edition with an outstanding array of local musicians). On the one hand is Merina Gris, a modern and exciting proposal from Gipuzkoa; and, on the other, from Bizkaia, Shinova, an indie group currently on the up in the Spanish scene.

Coming from Benin, Mali and Congo are the singers of Les Amazones D’Afrique, spectacular with their refreshing approach to African pop, who will take to the stage on 26 July. On the same day, as part of their farewell tour, El Columpio Asesino will say goodbye to their fans on the Zurriola beach. A day of emotions with an audience certain to flock to this farewell gig with devotion and warmth.

To end the Keler Gunea concerts we will return to the style of the first day with another benchmark of the blues and southern rock, the North Mississippi Allstars, a band with an extensive, balanced and varied career to their name. And lastly, closing the stage this year, will be one of the most irreverent and transgressive bands, Pamplona’s Chill Mafia.

KELER, our main sponsor, gives its name to the KELER GUNEA stage, which can be found like other years alongside the breakwater on the Zurriola Beach.


Detritus is the author of the poster:

This artist, poster designer and illustrator from San Sebastián completed the first year of his Fine Arts studies, 1982-83, in Leioa, before turning his paintbrush to the design of posters reflecting his earlier experience with comics. Today Detritus continues to nurture and enhance his signature style of combining text and image in his work.

In the 80s he embraced the alternative Basque Country trend, creating numerous posters with myriad themes: the punk ethos, the squatter, feminist, anti-war, environmental movements… He later engaged with other artistic collectives in Bilbao, such as the Safi Gallery and Las Chamas.
Parallel to his personal artistic activity, Detritus has worked in theatre design and on the decoration of sets for numerous film shoots.

59 Jazzaldia Kartela

The poster for the 59th Jazzaldia takes its inspiration from the artist’s memories of the event in the late 70s and early 80s, years when the San Sebastián festival would transform the city’s monotonous appearance with its cutting-edge posters, bands playing in the street and the Carmelo Balda pelota court turned into an enormous dormitory for visitors. These were times when the frenzy unleashed by the music interrupted everyday obligations and saw the artist throw his regular lifestyle to the wind. For all of these reasons, the author of the poster says that “he is delighted to adapt his poster-making style, construed in alternative movements, to the spirit of the Jazzaldia ”.

Detritus has not only created a poster announcing the Jazzaldia, it also brings the music to life. Thus, as he explains, the singer, on a stage in bluish hues, sings the red and pink lettering; the acid green rectangles represent the high notes of the sax; and the sax player is both the ear and its earring while, with his yellow sound, he lends shape to the jaw of the singer and projects his voice.


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