Two concerts a day in Garbera, from 21 to 25 July: Jerry Bergonzi Quartet + Blue Lab Beats + Eri Yamamoto Trio + Michele Hendricks & Ronald Baker Project + Five Stars + Sara Dowling + Ill Considered + Amaika Rude + Les Cuisinieres + Iago Magoa

The 58th San Sebastian Jazz Festival extends its programme to include 10 free concerts to take place in Garbera Shopping Centre. Each day will kick off at 12:30 with Txikijazz and a concert for all members of the family. The other concert of the day will run in the evening, at 20:00, featuring 5 groups who will also give performances suitable for all ages.

Among the most interesting performances are those of Jerry Bergonzi Quartet, Blue Lab Beats and the Eri Yamamoto Trio. Jerry Bergonzi is one of the best sax players in recent decades, a genius who has skilfully created his own language. Blue Lab Beats, with their cool, elegant, urban and modern music, is one of the bands that best reflects the creativity, fresh approach and innovative spirit of London’s buzzing Jazz scene. Eri Yamamoto, a Japanese pianist and composer, brings profound, lyrical, evocative and enormously sensitive music.

Garbera, which is currently completing its transformation, aims to continue promoting and actively participating in the events organised in the city. According to Nuria Vegas, Manager of Garbera: “We want to continue attracting our city’s long-standing cultural activities to our space, aiming to become yet another showcase for prestigious events such as the Jazzaldia”.

21 July

- Iago Magoa/Txikijazz (12:30)

Sara Dowling (20:00)

22 July

- Les Cuisinieres/Txikijazz (12:30)

Ill Considered (20:00)

23 July

Michele Hendricks & Ronald Baker Project/Txikijazz (12:30)

Jerry Bergonzi Quartet (20:00)

24 july

Eri Yamamoto Trio/Txikijazz (12:30)

Blue Lab Beats (20:00)

25 July

Amaika Rude/Txikijazz (12:30)

Five Stars (20:00)

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