The concert given by Norah Jones at the Kursaal was one of the most eagerly awaited yesterday in an auditorium packed with an audience impatient to hear the North American singer, composer and pianist, and they weren’t disappointed.

Norah Jones_11 © lolo vasco

Yoshuke Yamashita was back at San Telmo Museoa yesterday, but this time with improvised takes on popular classics.

The concerts in the Victoria Eugenia Theatre as part of JazzEñe, the Jazz Showcase for international programmers, opened with the concert by the pianist and composer Lucia Rey combining a variety of styles including flamenco, Latin Jazz, Mediterranean, classic, pop music… The quartet Move also gave their concert on this first day of JazzEñe.

Lucía Rey Trío_71 © lolo vasco MOVE_10 © lolo vasco

Damir Imamović gave his second concert at this year’s Jazzaldia on the Frigo Gunea stage, following The Mississippians Big Band. The Basque group Xahu brought the concerts on the Kursaal terrace to a close.
The Fnac Forum provided the setting for the concert by the Trio Nordeste.

The Mississippians_22 © lolo vasco Xahu_22 © lolo vasco Trio Nordeste_17 © lolo vasco

Rodrigo Lauroba & Aitor Miramon were the second and last group to perform on the San Martin Market stage at this 58th Jazzaldia.

Rodrigo Lauroba & Aitor Miramon_04 © lolo vasco

Within the Txikijazz programme, children in yesterday’s audience had great fun dancing to the beats of Les Cuisinieres in Garbera.

At the Fnac Gunea, Isla Trío gave a concert with space for improvisation and free sound followed by blues from the local quartet, Motelas.

Isla Trío_36 © lolo vasco

Motelas_01 © lolo vasco

The atmosphere was electric at the Nauticool as San Sebastian’s Elena Setien treated the audience to her music in the open air.

Elena Setién_16 © lolo vasco

The Jazzaldia also travelled to Irun to stage the concert given by the Michele Hendricks & Ronald Baker Project.

Michele Hendricks & Ronald Baker Project_15 © Iñaki Luis

Julian Lage Trio and Bill Frisell: Four opened this year’s Trinitate Plaza stage.

Julian Lage Trio_12 © lolo vasco Bill Frisell_05 © lolo vasco

Blue Lab Beats and Viva Suecia brought yesterday’s concerts to a close playing to a packed Zurriola beach as the audience chanted the hits of the group from Murcia at the second concert of the night on the Keler Gunea stage.

Blue Lab Beats_03 © lolo vasco Viva Suecia_027 © lolo vasco

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