Yesterday the Jazzaldia stages offered heaps of energy, passion and music, delighting the audiences at concerts such as those given on the Keler Gunea stage by Arde Bogotá and Tiken Jah Fakoly.

Arde Bogotá_242 © lolo vasco Tiken Jah Fakoly_047 © lolo vasco

The Piano Solo cycle in the Skoda San Telmo Museoa cloister welcomed the concert by Eri Yamamoto, the Japanese pianist and only woman to perform in this year’s cycle.

Eri Yamamoto_39 © lolo vasco

One of the concerts to sell out in only days at this 58th edition of the Jazzaldia was that of North American Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals who delighted yesterday’s audience at the Kursaal with the velvety and hypnotic sound of his voice accompanied by his expressive and marvellous guitar.

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals_050 © lolo vasco

For TxikiJazz, Five Stars gave a performance at Chillida Leku and Michele Hendricks & Ronald Baker Project in Garbera.

Below you can watch yesterday’s JazzEñe concert by the groups Carles Margarit Quinteto and NGBM Cuarteto:

Carles Margarit Quinteto_11 © lolo vasco NGBM Cuarteto_27 © lolo vasco

The Mississippians and Sara Dowling doubled-up for yesterday’s concerts on the Frigo Gunea stage, followed by the Arnaud Labastie Trio.

Sara Dowling_018 © lolo vasco Arnaud Labastie Trio_04 © lolo vasco

Les Cuisinieres and Lufti Jakfar’s Sixth Trio performed at the Fnac Gunea and Jerry Bergonzi Quartet in Garbera.

Garbera - JERRY BERGONZI QUARTET 23.07.23 © Jokin Fernández-25

Yesterday’s especially charming evening on the Nauticool stage was accompanied by the jazztronic sounds of the Blue Lab Beats with their sophisticated and flexible fusion of Jazz, hip-hop, afrobeat, soul and electronic music.

Blue Lab Beats_06 © lolo vasco

Relishing an excellent meal while listening to Eri Yamamoto on the piano was a unique opportunity enjoyed by those present in the Maria Cristina Hotel.

Eri Yamamoto Trio_05 © lolo vasco

The Trinitate Plaza witnessed from the introspective and lyrical jazz of Abdullah Ibrahim, presented with the Donostiako Jazzaldia Award for being the living history of Jazz, to the youngest and most contemporary symbol of the genre in the shape of London sax player and composer, Nubya Garcia.

Nubya Garcia_079 © lolo vasco Abdullah Ibrahim Trio_50 © lolo vasco

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