Ten Jazz programmers from all over the world touch down at Jazzaldia


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The SGAE Foundation invites ten Jazz programmers from Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, South Korea, Slovenia, France, Israel, the Netherlands, Poland and Turkey to discover the select JazzEñe programme

JazzEñe runs for the second year running as part of the 57th San Sebastian Jazz Festival, with eight concerts representing a selection of our national Jazz from 21-24 July 2022 at the Victoria Eugenia Theatre

Tickets are now on sale a price of €5 per double bill at the theatre ticket office and on the Festival website

The SGAE Foundation, in collaboration with San Sebastian City Council, Donostia Kultura and Jazzaldia, held a news conference today to present the 8th edition of JazzEñe, a Spanish Jazz selection to run from 21-24 July at the Victoria Eugenia Theatre in San Sebastian. For the second year running, the 57th San Sebastian Jazz Festival / 57th Jazzaldia will become an exclusive space for eight concerts featuring the best of Spanish Jazz.

Attending the presentation were Miguel Martín, Director of Jazzaldia, Javier Estrella, Director of JazzEñe, and Joseba Palacios, Director of the SGAE Euskadi. The event included a taste of things to come at JazzEñe with a short live performance by “Moisés Sánchez”.

Eight groups selected from 223 submissions

JazzEñe2022 will programme a total of eight 45-minute concerts over four days at the Victoria Eugenia Theatre. Thus, from 21-24 July 2022, at 12:30, a series of double bills will feature the following performers: Oreka TX and Chico Pérez (July 21), Verónica Ferreiro & Javier Sánchez with the Carlos Sarduy Quartet (July 22); Moisés Sánchez and the Daahoud Salim Quintet (July 23); and Berta Moreno and Ernán López-Nussa (July 24).

More information about the groups

Tickets can now be purchased at a price of 5 euros on the Jazzaldia website, at the Victoria Eugenia Theatre ticket office and on the Donostia Kultura website. The concerts will also be available in streaming mode on the Jazzaldia Live YouTube channel.

The groups have been selected from a total of 223 proposals received by the SGAE Foundation in response to a call for submissions open to all members of the SGAE. A selection committee made up of Javier Estrella, Director of JazzEñe, Miguel Martín, Director of Jazzaldia, Matthew Lee Simon, author and trumpet player, member of the SGAE jazz working group, Alba Careta, jazz author and singer, participant in JazzEñe 2021, and Miryam Latrece, jazz author and singer, participant in JazzEñe 2019.

Ten international programmers to export our jazz

With JazzEñe, the SGAE Foundation seeks to internationalise jazz made in Spain. The body therefore invites promoters and programmers of festivals and jazz clubs all over the world to enjoy the live concerts, with the added opportunity of being able to meet the chosen artists or their managers and establish links enabling them to work together in the future and to expand their work beyond our borders.

This eighth edition of JazzEñe has invited ten international festivals: Uli Fild Concertbüro (Germany), Jazzfest Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Jarasum Jazz Festival (South Korea), Jazz festival Ljubljana (Slovenia), Le Rocher de Palmer (France), Tel Aviv Jazz Festival (Israel), Beaux Jazz & Sound of Europe Festival and Flamenco Biënale (Netherlands), Katowice JazzArt Festival (Poland) and Selin Celik productions – Akra Jazz Festival (Turkey).

About ‘JazzEñe’

JazzEñe is a programme created by the SGAE Foundation to internationally launch the jazz made in Spain, to encourage the participation of jazz groups in festivals, to promote international tours for SGAE members and to foster meetings and the exchange of experiences and knowledge between professionals in the sector (authors, artists, managers, programmers, festival directors, record labels, etc.) from here and from the rest of the world.

Following its first edition, held in Madrid in 2014, the competition travelled to Valencia, having since then also visited Zaragoza and Málaga. Now, in its eighth edition, this show bringing the reality of Spanish jazz to the public and festival directors from all over the world returns for the second year running to the context of the San Sebastian Jazz Festival which, backed by 57 editions, represents one of the great bastions of jazz not only in Spain, but also in Europe and the rest of the world.

Over these years, numerous artists have strutted their stuff at festivals throughout Europe thanks to the SGAE Foundation’s Eñe programmes. Artists Chicuelo & Mezquida, first seen at the Zaragoza edition, have even gone on to perform at the Tokyo Jazz Festival. Special mention must also be made of the participation in the 2017 Amersfoort International Jazz Festival (the Netherlands) of four ensembles to have participated in JazzEñe: Camerata Flamenco Project, Nono Garcia Trío, Alexey Leon Trío and Marco Mezquida Solo.

Furthermore, in 2018 the SGAE Foundation presented Eñe artists Antonio Lizana, Rycardo Moreno and Pedro el Granaíno at the Biennale’s Flamenco White Nights in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The former also debuted at the Flamenco Festival thanks to his participation in these programmes, having performed in London and Los Angeles, and we similarly had the chance to hear him live at the Antalya Akra Jazz Festival in Turkey. In recent years, despite the pandemic, we have also had the opportunity to enjoy the talent of the Daniel García Trio at the Flamenco Biennale and Ljubljana’s Cankarjev dom festival, Marco Mezquida at the Jazz Plus concerts (2021) and Álvaro Martinete, who once again crossed borders in June to perform at the Brno Iberian Festival (Czech Republic)


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