Village People and their disco beats provided the festive touch for the start of the 58th Jazzaldia on the Keler Gunea stage. Thousands of people flocked to the concert where they sung and danced to the North American group’s famous hits.

Village People_07 © lolo vasco

The Japanese pianist Yosuke Yamashita, who will receive the Donostiako Jazzaldia Award on Sunday 23 July, charmed the audience with tunes from her recent album of piano solos, Quiet Memories, one of the Solo Piano concerts running in the Skoda San Telmo Museoa cloister from yesterday and continuing over the next four days.

Yosuke Yamashita_21 © lolo vasco

The Kursaal Auditorioa opened its doors to this year’s Jazzaldia with the concert by Kenny Barron, the pianist and composer who celebrated his 80th birthday performing the greatest numbers in his career accompanied by the Basque Youth Orchestra.

Kenny Barron With Strings_72 © lolo vasco

The evocative voice of Bosnian singer Damir Imamović and the kemençe of Turkey’s Derya Türkan opened the Frigo Gunea stage, also joined by the Norwegian trio The Side Effects.

Damir Imamovic_15 © lolo vascoThe Side Effects_16 © lolo vasco
Those present at the Fnac gunea had the opportunity to enjoy the concerts of Ill Considered and the Jerry Bergonzi Quartet.

Jerry Bergonzi Q_42 © lolo vasco

Sara Dowling’s talent as a vocalist delighted a Frigo Gunea audience captivated by her boundless energy.
The Nauticool was full for the concert by the Basque group Arima Soul who played their own songs in Basque along with covers of famous Soul numbers.

Sara Dowling - Garbera 21.07.23 © Jokin Fernández-5

Arima Soul_55 © lolo vasco

At the Fnac Forum it was the turn of Ura Dúo, while Gonzalo Encinal & Fran Serrano got things going in San Martin Market.

Gonzalo Encinal & Fran Serrano_02 © lolo vasco

Ura Dúo_09 © lolo vasco

Iago Magoa was the star of yesterday’s TxikiJazz magic show in Garbera.

TxikiJazz -Iago Magoa 21.07.23 © Jokin Fernández-13

Fred Wesley & The New JBs closed the first day of Jazzaldia on the Keler Gunea stage with their focus on the saxophone as the star of a concert featuring funky strains.

Fred Wesley & the New JBs_048 © lolo vasco

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