This year’s Jazzaldia will feature myriad big-name artists and is currently working on the final details to ensure that the city will enjoy a fantastic star-packed Festival.

There will be 16 stages: Trinitate Plaza, Keler Gunea (Zurriola beach), Kursaal Auditorioa, FCC Victoria Eugenia Antzokia, Škoda San Telmo Museoa, Frigo Gunea, Fnac Gunea, Chillida Leku, Kutxa Fundazioa (Tabakalera), Sala Club, Nauticool, Garbera, San Martin Merkatua, Irún, Fnac Foruma and the Hotel María Cristina. These stages will host a total of 90 concerts, 60 of them free, 25 by local groups, 9 for family audiences as part of the 11th Txikijazz event, 8 corresponding to the 9th edition of JazzEñe (the Spanish Jazz showcase taking place once again at the San Sebastian Jazz Festival), 4 from the Katapulta circuit…

The programme announced to date is star-spangled and features big-name artists including Norah Jones, Ben Harper, Joss Stone, Pat Metheny, Village People, Abdullah Ibrahim, Kenny Barron, Enrico Rava, Bill Frisell, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Yosuke Yamashita, Fred Wesley & The New J.B.’s, Jerry Bergonzi, Eri Yamamoto, Bamba Wassoulou Groove, Michele Hendricks & Ronald Baker Project…

There are also emerging artists who will define the Jazz of years to come: Julian Lage, Nubya Garcia, David Helbock, Blue Lab Beats, Ezra Collective, Ill Considered, The Side Effects, Five Stars, Conversessions, Bengue…

And a wide selection of proposals by artists closer to home such as Viva Suecia, ZETAK, Arde Bogotá, Elena Setién, Rocío Márquez & BRONQUIO, Niño Josele, NGBM Cuarteto, Gonzalo del Val, Arima Soul, Lucía Rey, Kinkfolk, Olana Liss, Amaika Rude…

All of the above-mentioned names will be joined on 20 July by Euskorleans, a project combining Basque music and dance with the brass bands and Jazz of New Orleans. This joyful and festive celebration will announce the arrival of Jazzaldia, to start the following day on 21 July.

Donostiako Jazzaldia Awards:

The Donostiako Jazzaldia Awards will go, in recognition of three long-standing careers dedicated to the world of Jazz, to: Abdulah Ibrahim, Enrico Rava and Yosuke Yamashita.

Abdullah Ibrahim is the living history of Jazz, the symbol and standard of an entire brilliant generation of South African musicians. In his career spanning more than 70 years, the South African genius has been universally acclaimed. Here at the Jazzaldia, we have been lucky enough to see and hear Ibraham at the 5 magical concerts which still remain, years later, in the memory of those who were able to enjoy them.

Enrico Rava is the best-known and most outstanding Italian Jazz musician worldwide. Having shot to international fame in the sixties, the Italian trumpeter and composer, with six decades of professional career to his name, has stayed up there as one of the most active and inquisitive musicians, always immersed in myriad original projects and considered to be one of the leading trumpet soloists. His sound is immediately familiar, and his music constantly flows through astoundingly original ideas.

Yosuke Yamashita is without a doubt one of the most important figures in the history of Japanese Jazz and one of those who, over the years, has made the greatest contribution to Japan’s position as one of the leading Jazz countries.
Born in Tokyo in 1942, Yamashita is a celebrity in his country and enjoys global fame, with his explosive style, as one of the best Jazz pianists of all time.

From Death Row: Keith LaMar – Freedom First

With the title of Freedom First, the Catalan Jazz pianist Albert Marquès brings the live presentation of his album recorded with Keith LaMar, a prisoner condemned to death in the USA in 1993. The 4 musicians appearing on stage will be joined, from the distance, by the voice of Keith LaMar, through recordings of his voice and a telephone performance live from prison.

LaMar himself has sent us a couple of messages asking for support and recommending the two concerts to take place in the Sala Club on 24 and 25 July at 20:00 (€15 – Tickets on sale on our website and at the ticket offices).


The 8 JazzEñe concerts taking place at the FCC Victoria Eugenia Antzokia can be followed live. Streaming access will be available through our website and our YouTube channel.


Running parallel to Jazzaldia, this year the Filmoteca Vasca organises the 7th edition of its Jazzinema season focused on the extraordinary relationship existing between the cinema and Jazz.

Sponsors and collaborators:

The San Sebastian Jazz Festival continues to enjoy the sponsorship of Keler, the Basque Government (Departments of Culture and Tourism), Gipuzkoa Provincial Council and the INAEM (Spanish National Institute of Music and the Performing Arts). It also has the collaboration of brands and institutions including Frigo, El Diario Vasco, Kutxabank, Škoda, Kutxa Fundazioa, Fundación SGAE, FCC, Fnac, Garbera, San Telmo Museoa, Chillida Leku, Katapulta Tour Gipuzkoa, EITB, RTVE, Cadena Ser, Pepsi, Filmoteca Vasca, Euskaltel, San Martin Merkatua, Hotel Maria Cristina…

Keler, as its biggest sponsor, will give its name for the second year running to the most popular stage, the one on the Zurriola beach, which will once again go by the name of Keler Gunea.

International collaborations:

The San Sebastian Jazz Festival collaborates with international institutions that help to expand and diversify the musical programme. Thus, this year we have collaborations with Japan Foundation and Kanazawa Jazz Street; with Lazio Sound and the Istituto Italiano; with OARA and Le Rocher de Palmer; and with the Austrian Cultural Forum

11 Txikijazz:

Presentation of the 11th Txikijazz on 28 June at the Kutxa Fundazioa, on Tabakalera’s 4th floor.

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