The cartoonist and illustrator Joseba Larratxe Berazadi is the author of the poster for the 55th San Sebastian Jazz Festival.


The 55th San Sebastian Jazz Festival, to run from July 22-26, now has its poster. It is the work of Joseba Larratxe Berazadi, also known as Josevisky (Irun, 1 March 1985).

Larratxe started his professional career as a creator of cartoon strips for newspapers while studying Architecture in San Sebastian. Today, he illustrates for the magazine Argia, as well as for other publications and books. In 2019 he brought out the graphic novel Joana Maiz (Harriet Editions) with the screenwriter Yurre Ugarte, and he is soon to launch the album corresponding to the comic series Basolatik berri onik ez (Ikastolen Elkartea), written by Asisko Urmeneta.

This year’s poster was created during the lockdown, a situation prompting a dynamic and light-filled result, featuring the public as its protagonist, understanding the Jazz Festival as a celebration. According to the artist: “Generally speaking, I believe it reflects our ability to remain happy in the face of adversity, come hell or high water.”

For this year’s Jazz Festival poster, Joseba Larratxe made no attempt to conceal his cartoon roots in the outline or characterisation of the figures. In the illustrator’s own words: “I try to make my style identifiable, even if I have to adapt it to the characteristics of each project. Usually I start working on paper and end on the computer, but in this case I produced the complete process digitally.”

The poster and more information for the press in this link:

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