Quality gastronomy at the 57th Jazzaldia


el perro salvaje. l mas castizo de CallosWebThe Topa, El Perro Salvaje and Ekotalo marquees will serve burgers, hot dogs and corn tortillas made with natural, artisan ingredients

The Topa Sukalderia restaurant, meeting point for the Basque and Latin American gastronomies, will once again have its place on the Kursaal Terraces with an interesting foodie offering.

Topa Sukalderia, with a nod to the Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez, will propose its MacOndo burger made with Euskal Txerri pork, guindilla peppers, spicy and tartar sauces, served with nachos and hot sauce, in its Frigo Gunea tent. They will also serve their classic Michelada cocktails featuring beer by Keler, the festival’s biggest sponsor, with lime and spicy touch.

The hot dogs by El Perro Salvaje are made with 100% beef sausages and natural lamb tripe, and come with a bun made to their own recipe, Chicago style, with poppy seeds. These steamed hot dogs are very similar to those found in Chicago, New York, Florida and Los Angeles and will be served at the Keler Gunea, Frigo Gunea and Fnac Gunea.

On the other hand, the sweet and savoury corn tortillas served by Ekotalo at the Fnac Gunea are made with stone oven roasted organic corn flour and come with fillings not usually found in traditional ‘talos’ or corn tortillas. All the ingredients are locally-sourced and come from local producers. As well as a characteristic flavour, toasting corn adds properties to the flour and gives it higher energy content.

The tents will open one hour before the start of the performances and will close at 01.30 in the morning.

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