56 edition 2021



    The 56 Jazzaldia was a huge success. Jazz aficionados displayed an exemplary response, with enthusiasm, buying up the tickets for all stages, behaving responsibly and obeying health and safety norms at all times. For the second year running, the Festival had to adapt to the circumstances of today’s special situation, with smaller audiences and the mandatory masks.

    Tickets were sold out for 15 of the 27 paying concerts: the 5 in the Trinitate Plaza Keler, the 5 in the Škoda San Telmo Museoa, 3 of the 5 concerts in the Kutxabank Kursaal Auditorioa, 1 in Chillida Leku and 1 in the FCC Victoria Eugenia Antzokia. Overall, 90% of all tickets were sold for the 27 paying concerts.


    Trinitate Plaza Keler

    Trinitate Plaza Keler hosted 10 concerts over 5 consecutive evenings, when the audience completely packed out the venue.

    First up were Dave Douglas and Franco D’Andrea, with a concert featuring the North American trumpeter and the Italian pianist as they engaged in an imaginative and marvellous musical dialogue. Closing the evening was Cécile McLorin Salvant, one of the most interesting female Jazz voices, accompanied by the magnificent Sullivan Fortner on the piano.

    On Thursday, July 22, we were treated to a fantastic Cuban soirée during which two pianists prevailed over San Sebastian’s persistent drizzle, known locally as sirimiri. The evening opened with Gonzalo Rubalcaba, in great form on the piano, and Aymée Nuviola with her impressive voice. The second concert began with presentation of the Donostiako Jazzaldia Award to Chucho Valdés. The Cuban pianist, moved to receive the same Donostiako Jazzaldia Award as had been presented to his father, Bebo Valdés, 18 years ago, went on to give a concert proving that he continues to hold a place among the best Latin Jazz pianists.

    On Friday, July 23, we had the enormous pleasure of listening to two virtuosos on the piano. The evening kicked off with Marco Mezquida, bringing us his latest project, Talismán. The Menorcan was on top form and, as always, exuding talent. Next up was a genius on the piano, the master of masters Kenny Barron, with a marvellous Jazz performance, accompanied by an equally inspired Steve Nelson on the vibraphone, a magnificent Peter Washington on bass and the colossal Jonathan Blake on the drums.

    The varied and exciting evening of Saturday, July 24, was put on for us by two female performers. First on stage was Naïssam Jalal with her Rhythms of Resistance, filling the air with heartfelt magic and exquisite serenity, a marvellous balance between the music of East and West. The second concert of the evening revolved around the incomparable voice of Noa, accompanied by the guitar of Gil Dor and featuring the piano of Iñaki Salvador as special guest. Together they delighted an audience who brought the concert to a close singing along to Txoria Txori and La vita è bella.

    Finally, on July 25, two absolute leading lights of the Jazz world with their respective trios: the pianist Brad Mehldau, lyrical and extraordinary, and the guitarist Bill Frisell, with his accomplished and unique sound. The perfect icing on the cake for an edition at which Jazzaldia’s most symbolic stage once again offered unforgettable moments of the very finest artistic quality.


    Kutxabank Kursaal Auditorioa

    Audiences in the Kutxabank Kursaal Auditorioa enjoyed 5 great concerts given over the same number of days.

    On Wednesday, July 21, José James and his spectacular voice, loaded with style and charm, set the bar way up high right from the very beginning.

    The next day, Buika and her hugely personal style enchanted an audience who, eager to see and hear the singer from the Balearics, had already snapped up all tickets several days previously.

    On Friday 23 Jorge Pardo and Niño Josele took to the stage to pay an emotional tribute to their friend, recently deceased: the great Chick Corea.

    On Saturday 24 it was the turn of the young and brilliant Italian pianist Giovanni Guidi, also paying his own homage, this time to the Argentine sax-player Gato Barbieri – whose excellent performances at Jazzaldia were very special moments – fronting a stellar sextet featuring American and Transalpine musicians who gave a concert considered by some as one of the best at this year’s Jazzaldia.

    Finally, on July 25, one of today’s finest voices, at the height of her maturity, Sílvia Pérez Cruz performed some of her most recent numbers with the Farsa Circus Band in a delightfully sensitive, delicate and subtle yet intense concert.


    FCC Victoria Eugenia Antzokia

    On Wednesday July 21, at 12:30, La Locomotora Negra received the Donostiako Jazzaldia Award before launching into a fantastic concert celebrating their 50th anniversary and proving that, even if they have decided to retire, they’re still on great form.

    From the 22nd to the 25th, also at 12:30, Jazzaldia hosted the seventh edition of JazzEñe, a festival organised by the SGAE Foundation with the focus on internationally presenting and promoting the careers of Spanish Jazz musicians. The event came with 4 double performances given by the crème de la crème of Spanish Jazz: on Thursday 22, the Ariel Brínguez Quintet and Camerino Quintet; on July 23, the trios of two fabulous pianists, Daniel García and Chano Domínguez; on the 24th, the Catalan quintet Smack Dab and the Galician trio Sumrrá; and, finally, on Sunday 25th, the trumpeter Alba Careta and the Andalusian duo Manolo y Curra.


    Škoda San Telmo Museoa

    At 11:00 every morning aficionados flocked to the cloister of San Telmo Museoa to attend the sold-out performances for 120 people where they were able to enjoy unplugged solo piano concerts in a unique setting with a warm and intimate atmosphere.

    Franco D’Andrea, maestro of Italian Jazz, equally versed in traditional and avant-guard language, charmed us with his elegance on July 21. On the 22nd and 23rd, with two different programmes, Poland’s innovative and different Marcin Masecki paid tribute to the great Thelonious Monk on the first day while taking a trip down the ragtime memory lane on the second, two concerts that will remain in the memory of all attendees. The brilliant Marco Mezquida brought the audience to their feet for a resounding ovation on July 24. And, finally, on Sunday 25th, Iñaki Salvador treated us to a varied programme full of nods to his admired composers, including Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett, Bach and Duke Ellington.


    Chillida Leku

    This year there were two concerts in Chillida Leku, on an incomparable stage, surrounded by art and nature, where the audience enjoyed music sitting on the cool green grass as the sun went down.

    On Sunday July 18, in a festival warm-up performance, singer Cécile McLorin Salvant and pianist Sullivan Fortner delighted attendees with music perfectly suited to the setting’s bucolic atmosphere. On the 24th, with his Ceramic Dog trio, Marc Ribot did completely the opposite, with a magnificent and energetic concert showing the unpredictable guitarist and singer’s most spirited and combative side.


    Frigo Gunea and Guuk Gunea

    25 concerts were held in the Frigo Gunea and Guuk Gunea, 5 a day, all free and with a great turnout of attendees who often filled all available 800 places.

    Here the audience were treated to the performances of 10 local groups selected for the edition, of the 4 groups selected on the Katapulta Tour and the 5 selected for having released an album in the last two years. Added to the aforementioned were the quintets of Jean Toussaint and Éric Séva.



    TxikiJazz proposed 4 morning concerts, two in Guuk Gunea and another two in Kutxa Kultur Tabakalera. Boys and girls had the opportunity to join their families in enjoying the music of Hollywood Band Kids, Swingtronics, Ghost Number and Oreka TX.


    Streaming, APP and Social Media

    This year 18 concerts were streamed; 9 from the Trinitate Plaza Keler, and 9 from the FCC Victoria Eugenia Antzokia. The concerts of the edition available on our YouTube channel (Jazzaldia – Donostia / San Sebastian) have had more than 12,000 viewings to date.

    In addition, this year we introduced an App, called Jazzaldia, developed by Guuk and which was downloaded by 750 people who used it for an average of 19 minutes and 45 seconds per day.

    Lastly, our social media hit the total figure of 37,000 followers.


    57 Jazzaldia – 2022

    The next edition of Jazzaldia, which we hope will take place in post-pandemic conditions, will run from 21-25 July 2022.






















  • 56 Jazzaldia
    July 21-25, 2021


    July 18, Sunday 

    Chillida Leku – 19:00 (24€)
    Cécile McLorin Salvant

    Cécile McLorin Salvant (voice), Sullivan Fortner (piano)


    July 21, Wednesday

    Škoda San Telmo Museoa – 11:00 (18€)
    Franco D’Andrea piano solo

    FCC Victoria Eugenia Antzokia – 12:30 (15€)
    La Locomotora Negra: 50 Anys de Jazz

    Ricard Gili (trumpet, vocals, director), Ivó Oller (trumpet), Arnau Boix (trumpet), Miquel Donat (trumpet), Marc Trepat (trombone), Òscar Font (trombone), Xavier Trepat (trombone), Víctor González (trombone), Lluís Trepat (alto sax, clarinet), Albert Gassull (alto sax), Toni Gili (tenor sax), Eva Garín (tenor sax), Ariel Vigo (baritone sax), Tòfol Trepat (piano), Albert Romaní (guitar), Jordi Casanovas (double bass), Carles Gili (drums)

    Kutxabank Kursaal Auditorioa – 18:45 (24€)

    José James

    José James (vocals), David Bao (drums), Ivan Ruiz Machado (bass), Benjamin ‘Bnnyhunna’ Kwasi (keys)

    Trinitate Plaza Keler – 21:00 (30€)

    Dave Douglas / Franco D’Andrea Quartet

    Dave Douglas (trumpet), Franco D’Andrea (piano), Federica Michisanti (double bass), Dan Weiss (drums)

    Cécile McLorin Salvant

    Cécile McLorin Salvant (voice), Sullivan Fortner (piano)

    Frigo Gunea (free admission):

    17:45 – Dos

    Sergio Rodríguez Vitta (drums), Ibon Irijoa (tenor sax, soprano sax)

    20:15 – Ghost Number: “Dirt & Other Spells”

    Iñigo Manterola (drums), Nerea Quincoces (percussion), Nacho Fombuena (double bass), 413 (vocals, banjo), Ander Solabarrieta (guitar), Arantza Molina (violin), Oskitz Gorrotxategi (trumpet), Miguel Arribas (tenor sax), Jordi Arkusa (trombone), Karmen Salazar and Sara Grajal (backing vocals)

    22:45 – Yo Ciervo

    Imanol Rivas (guitar, vocals), Julen Rivas (drums), Koldo Belloso (bass)

    Guuk Gunea (free admission):

    19:00 – Horda

    Eolo Andino (alto sax), Nico Andino (trumpet), Karles Pérez (drums), Ledian Mola (double bax)

    21:30 – Sara Azurza

    Sara Azurza (vocals), Iker Lauroba (piano, vocals), Haritz Lauroba (drums), Julen Barandiaran (bass), Igone González de Zárate (guitar, vocals)


    July 22, Thursday


    Škoda San Telmo Museoa – 11:00 (12€)

    Marcin Masecki piano solo, The Music of Thelonious Monk

    FCC Victoria Eugenia Antzokia – 12:30 (12€)

    JazzEñe: Ariel Brínguez Quintet

    Ariel Brínguez (tenor & soprano sax), Pablo Gutiérrez (piano), Javier Sánchez (guitar), Reinier Elizarde ‘El Negrón’ (double bass), Georvis Pico (drums)

    JazzEñe: Caminero Quintet

    Pablo Martín Caminero (double bass), Moisés Sánchez (piano), Ariel Brínguez (sax), Carlos Martín (trombone), Michael Olivera (drums)

    Kutxabank Kursaal Auditorioa – 18:45 (30€)


    Buika (vocals), Ramón Porrina (cajón), Santiago Cañada (trombone), Josue Ronkio (bass), Mar Sánchez (guitars)

    Trinitate Plaza Keler – 21:00 (30€)

    Gonzalo Rubalcaba & Aymée Nuviola

    Gonzalo Rubalcaba (piano), Aymée Nuviola (voice)

    Chucho Valdés Cuarteto

    Chucho Valdés (piano), Reinier Elizarde (double bass), Georvis Pico (drums), Pedro Pablo Rodríguez (percussion)

    Guuk Gunea (free admission):

    12:00 TxikiJazz: Hollywood Band Kids

    Blanca García (cello), Carolina Jiménez (viola), Javier García (violin), Cecilia Beguería (violin), Natalia Estrada (flute), Elia Cornejo (oboe), Laura Villa (clarinet), Aurora Padrino (English horn), Joan Espasa (clarinet), Cristina Ventoso (bassoon), Feliz García (piano), Vicente Perez (double bass), Miguel Ruiz de Elvira (guitar), Roberto Natal (drums), Ane Bastida Lizaso (actress).

    19:00 – The Machetazo: “A vision in a Dream”

    Jorge Castañeda (piano), Nacho de Frutos (guitar), Daniel Juárez (tenor sax), Dario Guibert (double bass), Mikel Urretagoiena (drums)

    21:30 – Swingtronics

    Eider Saratxaga (vocals), Germán Ulacia (piano), Joseba Aparicio (trumpet, guitar), Iñigo Fernández (sax, clarinet), Ibon Jordán (drums)

    Frigo Gunea (free admission):

    17:45 – Asier Ardaiz & Friends

    Asier Ardaiz (trumpet, flugelhorn), Juan José Cabillas (alto sax, soprano sax), Imanol Iribarren (trombone), Jorge Fernández (piano), Aritz Luzuriaga (double bass), Aitor Bravo (drums)

    20:15 – Mojo Hand

    Gorka Azpiroz (vocals), Jon Aira (guitar), Nando Neira (bass), Karlos Arancegui (drums), Paul San Martín (piano)

    22:45 – De 2 En Blues Band

    Miguel Angel González (vocals), Mariano Berástegui (guitar), Alberto Navascués (piano, Hammond organ), Patxi Ruiz (harmonica, guitar, vocals), Sergio Pérez (bass), Alfredo Olaverri (drums, vocals)


    July 23, Friday

    Škoda San Telmo Museoa -11:00 (12€)
    Marcin Masecki piano solo, Ragtime

    FCC Victoria Eugenia Antzokia – 12:30 (12€)

    JazzEñe: Daniel García Trío

    Daniel García Diego (piano), Reinier Elizarde ‘El Negrón’ (double bass), Michael Oliviera (drums)

    JazzEñe: Chano Domínguez Trío

    Chano Domínguez (piano), Horacio Fumero (double bass), David Xirgú (drums)

    Kutxabank Kursaal Auditorioa – 18:45 (20€)

    Jorge Pardo + Niño Josele: “Mi Querido Chick”

    Jorge Pardo (flute, sax), Juan José Heredia “Niño Josele” (flamenco guitar), José Heredia “José de Josele” (piano)

    Trinitate Plaza Keler – 21:00 (30€)

    Marco Mezquida: “Talismán”

    Marco Mezquida (piano), Aleix Tobias (percussion), Martín Meléndez (cello)

    Kenny Barron All Star Quartet

    Kenny Barron (piano), Steve Nelson (vibraphone), Peter Washington (bass), Jonathan Blake (drums)

    Kutxa Kultur Tabakalera (free admission):

    12:00 TxikiJazz– Swingtronics

    Eider Saratxaga (vocals), Germán Ulacia (piano), Joseba Aparicio (trumpet, guitar), Iñigo Fernández (sax, clarinet), Ibon Jordán (drums)

    Frigo Gunea (free admission):

    17:45 – Monk’s Sphere

    Juan Oliveira (guitar), Daniel Vallejo (bass), Daniel Pimenta (drums)

    20:15 – Hutsun Txalaparta – J.E.L. Trio

    Javier López Jaso (accordion), Marcelo Escrich (double bass), Daniel Lizarraga (drums), Mikel Urrutia (txalaparta), Anai Gambra (txalaparta)

    22:45 – No More Jazz Brass Band

    Edison Saborit, Guillermo Elizaga, Daniel Pimenta (percussion); Nicolás Andino, Asier Ardaiz, Íñigo Cuenca (trumpet); Gaizka Otsoa, Adrián Martínez, Alberto Martínez (trombone); Jon Viejo (sousaphone); Pablo Maza (sax); Sara Mansilla (vocals)

    Guuk Gunea (free admission):

    19:00 – Jean Toussaint Quintet

    Jean Toussaint (tenor sax), Voro García (trumpet), Antonio Mazzei (piano), Marc Cuevas (double bass), David Xirgu (drums)

    21:30 – Les Fous

    Santi Romano (composition, vocals, piano), Noa Eguiguren (vocals, percussion), Olatz Otxoa (vocals, percussion)


    July 24, Saturday


    Škoda San Telmo Museoa – 11:00 (12€)
    Marco Mezquida piano solo

    FCC Victoria Eugenia Antzokia – 12:30 (12€)

    JazzEñe: Smack Dab

    Joan Casares (drums), Oriol Vallès (trumpet), Lluc Casares (sax), Jöel González (piano), Pau Sala (double bass)

    JazzEñe: Sumrrá

    Manuel Gutiérrez (piano), Xacobe Xurxo Martínez (double bass), Luis Alberto Rodríguez Legido (percussion)

    Kutxabank Kursaal Auditorioa – 18:45 (15€)

    Giovanni Guidi: “Ojos de Gato” a tribute to Gato Barbieri

    Giovanni Guidi (piano), Gianluca Petrella (trombone), James Brandon Lewis (tenor sax), Brandon López (bass), Chad Taylor (drums, percussion), Simone Padovani (percussion)

    Chillida Leku – 19:00 (24€)

    Marc Ribot, Ceramic Dog: “Hope”

    Marc Ribot (guitar, vocals), Shahzad Ismaily (percussion, bass, keyboard), Ches Smith (drums, percussion, electronic effects)

    Trinitate Plaza Keler – 21:00 (42€)

    Naïssam Jalal & Rythms of Resistance: “Un Autre Monde”

    Naïssam Jalal (flute, ney, vocals), Mehdi Chaïb (tenor and soprano sax, percussion), Karsten Hochapfel (guitar, cello), Damien Varaillon (double bass), Arnaud Dolmen (drums)

    Noa & Gil Dor, “Afterallogy” + Iñaki Salvador

    Noa (vocals, percussion), Gil Dor (guitar, vocals), Iñaki Salvador (piano)

    Guuk Gunea (free admission):

    12:00 – TxikiJazz – Ghost Number

    Iñigo Manterola (drums), Nerea Quincoces (percussion), Nacho Fombuena (double bass), 413 (vocals, banjo), Ander Solabarrieta (guitar), Arantza Molina (violin), Oskitz Gorrotxategi (trumpet), Miguel Arribas (tenor sax), Jordi Arkusa (trombone), Karmen Salazar and Sara Grajal (backing vocals)

    19:00 – Sara Mansilla: “Talking to the Wall”

    Sara Mansilla (vocals, acoustic guitar), Ande Alonso (drums), Pablo Costas (keyboards), Daniel Vallejo (bass), Juan José Cabillas (alto sax, flute), Asier Ardaiz (trumpet)

    21:30 – Antía Muíño

    Antía Muíño (voice, guitar), Miguel Arribas (sax, flute)

    Frigo Gunea (free admission):

    17:45 – Jean Toussaint Quintet

    Jean Toussaint (tenor sax), Voro García (trumpet), Antonio Mazzei (piano), Marc Cuevas (double bass), David Xirgu (drums)

    20:15 – Éric Séva: Mother of Pearl Quintet

    Éric Séva (saxes), Lionel Suarez (accordion), Christophe Cravéro (piano, Fender Rhodes), Christophe Wallemme (double bass), Zaza Désidério (drums, percussion)

    22:45 – Mojo Hand

    Gorka Azpiroz (vocals), Jon Aira (guitar), Nando Neira (bass), Karlos Arancegui (drums), Paul San Martín (piano)


    July 25, Sunday


    Škoda San Telmo Museoa – 11:00 (15€)
    Iñaki Salvador piano solo

    FCC Victoria Eugenia Antzokia – 12:30 (12€)

    JazzEñe: Alba Careta Group

    Alba Careta (vocals, trumpet), Lucas Martínez (tenor sax), Roger Santacana i Hervada (piano), Giuseppe Campisi (double bass), Josep Cordobés (drums)

    JazzEñe: María “La Mónica” y Javier Galiana: Manolo y Curra

    María Isabel Ávila “La Mónica” (voice, percussion), Javier Galiana (piano)

    Kutxabank Kursaal Auditorioa – 17:30 (35€)

    Sílvia Pérez Cruz: Farsa Circus Band

    Sílvia Pérez Cruz (vocals), Marco Mezquida (piano, keyboards), Aleix Tobías (percussion), Mario Mas (guitars), Bori Albero (double bass), Carlos Montfort (violin)

    Trinitate Plaza Keler – 20:00 (42€)

    Brad Mehldau Trio

    Brad Mehldau (piano), Larry Grenadier (double bass), Jeff Ballard (drums)

    Bill Frisell Trio featuring Thomas Morgan and Rudy Royston

    Bill Frisell (electric guitar), Thomas Morgan (double bass), Rudy Royston (drums)

    Kutxa Kultur Tabakalera (free admission):

    12:00 – TxikiJazz – Oreka TX – Koklea

    Harkaitz Mtz. de San Vicente (wooden, stone and bamboo txalapartas, plastic barrel), Mikel Ugarte (wooden, stone and bamboo txalapartas, plastic barrel), Mixel Ducau (alboka, wooden clarinet, soprano sax), Juanjo Otxandorena (bouzouki)

    Frigo Gunea (free admission):

    17:45 – Arberto Arteta Laurok “Behar Bizia”

    Alberto Arteta (sax), Sacha Soriazu (piano), Alejandro Mingot (guitar), Kike Arza (double bass), Dani Lizarraga (drums)

    20:15 – Paul San Martín: “French Session”

    Paul San Martín (piano and vocals), Abdell B.Bop (double bass), Romain Gratalon (drums)

    22:45 – Éric Séva: Mother of Pearl Quintet

    Éric Séva (saxes), Lionel Suarez (accordion), Christophe Cravéro (piano, Fender Rhodes), Christophe Wallemme (double bass), Zaza Désidério (drums, percussion)

    Guuk Gunea (entrada gratuita):

    19:00 – Martín de Marte

    Martin Murua (voice, guitar), Ion Ferrera (guitar), Xabier Aramendi (bass), Nikolas Eizagirre (drums)

    21:30 – Swingtronics

    Eider Saratxaga (vocals), Germán Ulacia (piano), Joseba Aparicio (trumpet, guitar), Iñigo Fernández (sax, clarinet), Ibon Jordán (drums)