Selective bottle collection

The Festival, in collaboration with FCC Medio Ambiente, will collect bottles all over the different stages, all the single bottles will be separated and recycled in three different places afterwards:

  • Glass bottles
  • Plastic bottles
  • Other different materials

The collaboration of the public will be necessary for all this activities. That’s why we ask for your help and invite you to throw out all the bottles on the containers located at the access points.

The  Jazz Festival will have a crew of 15 people for this job all over the Festival’s duration.

Recycling and reusing of the production and information material 

All the material used for the Festival, including news bulletins, publicity boards, signalling system, the stage covers or flags will be reused or recycled if they can’t be used again.

Daily measuring and publication of the recycled products at the  Jazzaldia’s website.

The results of garbage collection of the night before collected by FCC Medio Ambiente  will be published every morning in our website. Always measured in kilograms.

Plastic bags reduction

The use of plastic bags will be reduced and, if necessary they will be replaced by paper bags.

Electricity consume control 

The electricity consume will be reduced at the Festival concerts.
For the scenarios lighting the production crew will install LED lights. The organization will use solar loaders for all the electronic devices too.


The Festival’s official website will carry information of buses and trains to reach San Sebastian, as well as local buses to move around the city. :


Dbus city line will provide additional bus services during the festival.

Other lines to arrive to San Sebastian:

Train lines to arrive to San Sebastian:


San Sebastian has amount of bike lanes to travel all over the city. You can use or rent a bike to access to different stages.
Take advantage of the different services that the city of San Sebastian brings you.





Yellow containers: cans
Green containers: glass
Blue containers: paper


This year, thanks to the collaboration of FCC Medio Ambiente as a strategic partner, the cleaning structure professionalizes in order to optimize the cleaning results.

We want the beach in perfect conditions for all the users, like if it hadn’t been thousands people a few hours earlier.

A team of 15 people, with regular equipment, will be cleaning the beach every day after the last concert.

Continuous selective collection and waste generated during concerts

The Festival will have a team of 15 people to recycle waste during concerts. This way we look forward to reduce the amount of waste that has to be cleaned after the concert.

Information about recycling

Maps on the Kursaal Terraces will show where the recycling points are.




Removing glass and metal containers in Festival grounds and venues

In the area of the Kursaal Terraces  a big crowd of many thousands is expected during the Festival.

To try to ensure a safe environment, an essential measure is to prevent introducing glass and / or metal containers.

The case of glass containers is especially dangerous. A glass container can fall and break, with the risk of injury not only during the concerts but also beach goers, as it is very difficult to clean all the pieces of glass, and the smallest fragment left in the sand can cause serious cuts.

The audience must understand the situation so we ask for your cooperation to prevent this type of materials.

Surveillance of backpacks and bags is a common practice in all events that expect a large crowd, such as football stadiums and music festivals.

NX part: 6910-4


Caution for young audiences hearing

The organization will provide ear plugs for children under 12 in closed venues (Kursaal Auditorium, Victoria Eugenia Theatre, San Telmo Museum, Plaza de la Trinidad).

Warning messages will recommend children under age not to be too close to the PA system.



At the  Jazzaldia we’ve always been committed to sustainability and have constantly maintained our responsibility towards the environment. This year, to continue improving, we’re launching a new waste collection system, thanks to which we’ll be able to offer festival-goers a wider range of facilities and improved efficiency. We’ll distribute 20 sets of 5 small bins throughout the area occupied by the Festival. Thanks to these bins, the collection of waste generated during the Festival will be continuous and selective.

This initiative is carried out with the collaboration of IHOBE (a publicly-owned environmental management company dependent upon the Basque Government Ministry of the Environment).

Last year, IHOBE  awarded us the “Erronka Garbia” certificate in recognition of our Festival’s sustainable nature. For some time now the  Jazzaldia has been striving to transmit environmental values, recycle its waste and foster the use of public transport or bikes when coming to its concerts.