Alex Haro’s Freedom


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Alex Haro (tenor sax), Víctor Viila (electric guitar), Jorge Hidalgo (keyboards), Pablo “Shurmaniko” García (electric bass), Edi Saborit (drums)

Alex Haro, a sax player from Alicante who has now lived in San Sebastián for more than 6 years, completed his higher studies in Jazz Sax at Musikene, as well as a master’s degree, with Mikel Andueza and Andrzej Olejniczak. He has worked with musicians including Bob Sands, Alejandro Mingot, Chris Kase, Josvi Muñoz (Revolver), Gere (Melendi), Mijo Hazama and Iñaki Uranga. He has also had the opportunity to further his learning with Ilja Reijngoud, Francesc Capella and Miguel Blanco.

His performing career has seen him give concerts and undertake projects in different parts of the country and he has also participated in several consecutive editions of the Jazzaldia with groups like DOS, Reunion BigBand, Nacho Soto Experiment, Miho Hazama & the Musikene Big Band, and Kinkfolk. He is currently working on myriad projects of varying style.

Freedom is Alex Haro’s most personal project; here you will find influences of rock, heavy metal, funk and, of course, Jazz. With a repertoire almost fully composed by Haro himself, Freedom comes with numbers created around the feelings of the young sax player and composer.


*Club Victoria Eugenia: free entry while places last. However, an invitation must be collected from the Victoria Eugenia Theatre ticket desk on the same day of the concert, from 17:00 onwards.


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