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Fran Serrano (double bass), Marcos Salcines (piano), Mikel Urretagoiena (drums), Dani Artetxe (guitar)

The first album from the double bassist and composer Fran Serrano, “0202” Fran Serrano Quintet (2021), comprises five original numbers and the arrangement of a standard. Conceived to move and prompt reflection, this well-structured album reflects the maturity and vision of a musician with a career spanning more than twenty years.

This is the work, brought to us as a quartet, that he will present in concert format. Music taking its inspiration from Jazz to which the author incorporates dashes of other genres such as classical and rock music. Serrano combines tonal and modal language in synergy with structures based on the blues, Jazz and other more popular forms, leaving space for improvisation and the search for sensations when playing live.

Fran Serrano’s music is characterised by the simplicity of its compositions, visceral and human, drawing on the composer’s experiences, the coming together of melodies and harmonies produced for the instrumentation of his choice. The energy generated by this quartet in its live performances is remarkable.


*Club Victoria Eugenia: free entry while places last. However, an invitation must be collected from the Victoria Eugenia Theatre ticket desk on the same day of the concert, from 17:00 onwards.

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