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Baptiste Annette (alto sax), Philippe Huet (alto sax), Vincent Andrieu (tenor sax), Stéphane Barbier (tenor sax), Yves Dinclaux (trumpet/bugle), Arnaud Labastie (piano), Jean-Xavier Herman (double bass), Antoine Gastinel (drums), Gilles Garcia (guitar), Pauline Atlan (vocals)

The 10 musicians of Les 4 Saxes & Co are mad about Swing, played in the style of the Jazz-swing of the 30s by 4 formidable saxes backed by an impeccable rhythm section, all rounded off thanks to a brilliant trumpet player and perfected by an exceptional voice, that of Ninon Arozteguy, in the tradition of singers like Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday and Dinah Washington…

Philippe Huet, the founder, music director and sax player of Les 4 Saxes & Co, created the group with a fellow musician in the Paris of the 1990s and 2000s. Having lived since 2017 in the region of Bayonne, he resuscitated the project with local musician friends attracted by his music. In this new period, Huet has updated the repertoire and written new arrangements, adding a young voice to the group and recording an album in 2022.


*Kutxa Fundazioa Kluba: tickets available here – €3 for early purchases, and €5 from the ticket desk.

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