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Fernando Calvo (guitars), Alberto Bosch (bass, vocals), Iñigo Elena (vocals), Adrián Viñas (drums)


Formed in the early 2020s, this quartet from San Sebastián is made up of experienced musicians, all former members of widely known bands playing multiple styles, always influenced by the blues, Americana and traditional rock.

Powerful sound bases and compositions with harmonic lines and familiar textures for lovers of music produced by live guitars and impressive rhythm sections.

Their first album, Sunset Tapes (2022), was made in a single take, at Aitor Carrasquedo’s mobile studio, a live and well-rounded recording. Their second, Rainbow Tapes (2023), repeated the same formula. The result is a work brimming with poetry and guitars, a structured and truly American album, yet with the stamp of a band who have understood that the very essence of that music almost always means staying off the main roads.


*Kutxa Fundazioa Kluba: tickets available here – €3 for early purchases, and €5 from the ticket desk.

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