Potter / Mehldau / Patitucci / Blake + Youn Sun Nah


Foto Web Jazzaldia 900x500 Potter ... + Youn Sun Nah

Potter / Mehldau / Patitucci / Blake

Chris Potter (sax), Brad Mehldau (piano), John Patitucci (bass), Johnathan Blake (drums)

Chris Potter, widely recognised for being one of the most influential sax players of his generation, joins Brad Mehldau, possibly the finest Jazz pianist of the last 20 years, to create a spanking new quartet, alongside another two great musicians, John Patitucci on the double bass and Johnathan Blake on the drums.

This star-spangled quartet due to release their first album in March 2024 are bang on track to give a magnificent concert at the 59th Jazzaldia. (More information)

Youn Sun Nah

Youn Sun Nah (vocals), Eric Legnini (piano, keyboards), Tony Paeleman (piano, keyboards)

Youn Sun Nah has a moving voice covering a broad spectrum of colours, timbres and hues, a character drawing on her Korean roots and myriad musical influences. These qualities enable her to express a wide range of emotions, making her one of a kind, not easily comparable to other singers. The Korean performer is an exceptional improviser and has the particular skill of being able to sing in several languages: Korean, English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. (More information)

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