The poster for the 54th Heineken Jazzaldia is an optimistic image reflecting the satisfaction of artistic creation



The author of the photograph is Pedro Párraga and the lettering is by Ángel Caño

The poster entitled “Satisfaction”, by Pedro Párraga and Ángel Caño, will be the image of the 54th Heineken Jazzaldia, to run from July 24-28. The illustration depicts an artistically touched-up photograph of Jahmal Nichols, Gregory Porter’s double-bass player during their concert in the Plaza de la Trinidad in 2017 at the 52nd Heineken Jazzaldia.

Pedro Párraga joined Antton Olariagato create the Festival posters of 1986, 1987 and 1988. Pedro started taking pictures at the Festival in the early 80s and has accumulated an important collection of historical snapshots. Several of these were used for the book Jazzaldia 50, with Dizzy Gillespie on the cover, in a picture dating back to 1988.

The lettering on the poster is the work of the widely-experienced Ángel Caño, from the graphic design studio, Eurosíntesis. Among others, he created the image for the 60th anniversary of Zinemaldia and the posters for a number ofits seasons.

Párraga took the picture of Jahmal Nichols when the musician was basking in audience applause in recognition of a brilliant solo. The picture reflects Nichols’ joy, happiness and bonhomie but, above all, his infinite satisfaction, the reward of a job well done. It is an optimistic, feel-good image which perfectly reflects the deep sense of peace produced by artistic creation.

Párraga has artistically applied a comic-like texture to the picture, lending even greater strength to the idea he wanted to convey.



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