Zahara, Belako and Dorian complete the Heineken Green Stage programme, in which young women artists play the leading part



Joan Baez, Jamie Cullum, Stinus Vidal, Neneh Cherry and Nøgen, previously announced, are the other fantastic names who will perform on the beach stage

The 54th Heineken Jazzaldia programme for the Heineken Green Stage, on San Sebastian’s Zurriola Beach, has now been rounded off with three fabulous concerts featuring Zahara, Belako and Dorian. Said performers join the other fantastic names already announced: Joan Baez, Jamie Cullum, Stinus Vidal, Neneh Cherry and Nøgen.

All will perform in free concerts. The Heineken Jazzaldia therefore maintains its tradition of offering big names without the spectator having to pay a penny to see them. World-famous artists like Joan Baez on her Fare Thee Well tour; Jamie Cullum, now hailed as one of the geniuses of today’s jazz; and Neneh Cherry, innovative, spectacular and always on the lookout for new projects.

The Heineken Green Stage reveals several signs of identity of the Heineken Jazzaldia as it stands today. First of all, its commitment to young talent. Zahara has become a popular phenomenon and the big festivals vie for her presence. Belako now enjoys international fame and Nøgen is hot on their heels. Dorian is progressing steadily upwards. All are young, all have bags of talent and all have a great future ahead of them.

Second sign of identity: promotion of the increasingly more numerous and creative women artists. Joan Baez was a pioneer; she laid the way and sowed the seeds that have sprouted all these years down the line. In almost all of the Heineken Green Stage concerts women play a fundamental part either as the leaders of their own groups or as outstanding members of their respective bands.

Third sign of identity: the backing of Basque musicians, thereby enabling them to further their career thanks to appearing on the programme of a venue as important as the Green Stage, where spectators can be counted in their tens of thousands. In this respect, the concert on July 27, featuring Nøgen in the first part and Belako in the second, will be all of an event for lovers of Basque pop-rock.

The Green Stage will also host one of the season’s most attractive proposals: the reunion under the name of Stinus Vidal between the prodigious guitarist from San Sebastian, Jaime Stinus, a founder member of the Orquesta Mondragón, and the singer Xavi Vidal, a pioneer of rock music sung in the Catalan language.



Free admission


24th July, wednesday

20:45. Joan Baez: Fare Thee Well… Tour 2019

23:30. Jamie Cullum


25th July, thursday

21:00. Zahara

23:30. Dorian


26th July, friday

21:00. Stinus Vidal

23:30. Neneh Cherry


27th July, saturday

21:00. Nøgen

23:30. Belako

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