Music stamped with the Eusko Label was the star of last night with Nakar at the Nauticool, Bamms at the Frigo Gunea, Amaika Rude at the Fnac Gunea and Zetak on the Keler Gunea stage where Pello Reparaz and his group had the Zurriola beach jumping with his energy and hits like ‘Zeinen ederra izango den’. The group Ezra Collective took to the stage before Zetak, who performed the last of the beach concerts.

ZETAK_27 © lolo vasco Amaika Rude_01 © lolo vasco Bamms_15 © lolo vasco Ezra Collective_63 © lolo vasco

In the Kursaal, Pat Metheny, armed with his guitar and his charm, presented his Side-Eye NYC project spotlighting a variety of gifted rising musicians.

Pat Metheny_27 © lolo vasco

At yesterday’s first concert in the Trinitate Plaza, the six decades of professional career boasted by the Italian trumpet player and composer Enrico Rava were recognised with presentation of the Donostiako Jazzaldia Award. The artist was accompanied by four brilliant up-and-coming Italian artists: The Fearless Five. Next up, David Helbock’s Austrian Syndicate, with its 5 excellent musicians, filled the night with keyboards, synthesizers, rhythm and percussion.

Enrico Rava Fearless Five_34 © lolo vasco David Helbocks Austrian Syndicate_42 © lolo vasco

The young sax players of Alto For Two and Niño Josele with his guitar participated in yesterday’s JazzEñe.

Alto for Two_10 © lolo vasco Niño Josele_10 © lolo vasco

Kento Tsubosaka had the San Telmo Museum cloister vibrating with his piano.

Kento Tsubosaka_28 © lolo vasco

The concerts by Pacific Jazz Ambassadors and Conversessions packed out the Kursaal terrace.

Pacific Jazz Ambassadors_23 © lolo vasco

The delightful combination of the balafons of the Hié sisters and the marimba of Vassilena Serafimova cranked up the atmosphere at the Fnac Gunea with their group Bengue.

Bengue_21 © lolo vasco

The Brian Aching Quartet took to the Fnac Forum stage.

Brian Aching Quartet_02 © lolo vasco

Bringing a somewhat unusual concert format, the Victoria Eugenia Theatre’s Club Room hosted Freedom First, a project from the “Justice for Keith LaMar” campaign, aiming to raise awareness on the death sentence and halt the execution of LaMar, a prisoner condemned to death in 1993 in the United States. The concert was fronted by Albert Marquès, accompanied on stage by another three musicians. All were joined, from the distance, by the voice of Keith LaMar, who was present by means of recordings of his voice and a live performance from prison, over the telephone.

Freedom First_05 © lolo vasco

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